Creature Comforts Pet Services at Phoenix Hill Farm - "Where animals change lives"
Shared View of the pond near the mediation labyrinth, thanks to George Milne and family, who have been instrumental in the creation of this  vision.
A huge donation of sand was delivered for the stable area -with gratitude to Randy Agnostis, Andy Tierney, Mike O'Leary  and Rob Schaedle and donors Hebron Lions Club.
Thanks to the generosity of  the following caring individuals, the Phoenix Hill Farm vision is a reality.With sincere grattude, I list their names, and bless anyone whose name is not listed, but helped out.
Randy Agnostis
Camille Bonocchi
Carol Youell & Russ Bidwell
Lin & Greg Belliveau & family
CT Equine Clinic
Karen Nichols & James Bendzinski
Rebecca Guimond
Charlie Murphy, my brother
Kristina and Jimmy Beirne
Susan & Michael Murphy
Lee Dyer, Jr.
Elaine Frost
Hebron Lions Club
Cal Fish, Ryan & Angela
Jim Hemmond
Mike & Donnalee Porter
Steve Kukuchka
Dan & Pat Larson
Alan, Denise, Greg, Kim Hills, Melinda & Ryan Lunderville
Melinda Sharpe
Harry & Drew Smith
Joey Betz
Reverend Denise Esslinger
Equine Veterinary Clinic
Autumn Bisson
Salem Valley Veterinary Clinic
Movado Farm
My parents, Charles & Elizabeth
Trish Manfredi UCONN COOP
Vivian Felton
Alan & Chris Page
The Anderson family-Mr. & Mrs. Anderson & Griffin

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